February 13, 2013

Piano Sounds its Last Notes in Half Moon Bay

Filed under: Half Moon Bay Local Culture — Tags: , , , — Rick Ellis @ 11:29 am

half moon bay pianThis week in Half Moon Bay, California something very special and unique is drawing romantics, music lovers, and the curious to the beach to witness and celebrate the end of the life of a venerable grand piano.  Having reached the stage where repair is no longer feasible, a decision was made to set up the old instrument on the beach, overlooking the ocean, where passers-by and amateur musicians could tickle the keyboard and where, at sunset, a local pianist would give a mini-concert, accompanied by friends playing their respective instruments.  This Friday, February 15, it all comes to an end. 

Read the full story: Piano Sounds its Last  Notes by the Ocean  in the article from Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle. This local landmark will be missed be locals and visitors to our Half Moon Bay bed and breakfast alike.

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